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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you Install my lights?

In most cases, no. We typically do not install lights that did not come from our company. This is due to the lack of knowledge regarding quality, age and overall condition of the lights. 

2. What is included in the service?

We include timers, clips, extension line, bulbs and wire to properly and safely install your lights. The lights are purchased for you and then we will install, maintain, takedown and store everything for as many years as you would like. 

3. What type of lights do you use?

As a company we have made the decision to only use C9 and C7 LED lights.  These lights are the most energy efficient and durable. They do not break, which allows us to ensure that the job gets done seamlessly and has no chance of burnt out bulbs and broken glass. LED bulbs look just like the old traditional incandescent we all grew up loving but made better and safer. 

4. Can we choose any color and does it affect the price?

There is no difference in price between bulb color. Yes, you are able to pick the color of that you like. Our favorite and the one we use on our home is warm white and red. We call it the candy cane pattern.

5. What products do you use?

We use C9 or C7 LED bulbs. We like to use C7 bulbs on residential home and C9 on commercial buildings. They are close in size, but we think the C7 (smaller bulb) is not as visible during the day. There is not cost difference between the two, it is ultimately your choice. 

6. When do we need to call for a proposal?

All of our previous year customers are called in September, to set up a day for scheduling. We initiate new residential customers at the beginning of October. We get commercial proposals all year long. Depending on the size of the commercial job it can take weeks to install.

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